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Sitting here thinking and in the middle of my thinking I get interrupted (an emergency).  I’m back from my emergency and thinking once again.  You never know what God has in store for you!  I mean we have all these plans for the future, for tomorrow, even this evening for dinner.  We never quite know when our life is going to have a major interruption or even worse when it is time to leave this world permanently.  That is the case for my friend this morning.  She had a heart attack and died!  I have other friends who are facing some pretty major decisions in life, difficult decisions that have serious consequences. 

 I am reminded today that my strength comes from the Lord, He is my cleft in the rock!  I have a painting in my bedroom (no not a self-portrait)  it is the picture of a man standing on a lighthouse with the waves crashing over it… Here is the picture.

Right now my friends feels like this man – Right now I feel like this for my friends.  Life can be hard and not fair.  I mean nobody expects their day to be like this and wham, it happens in an instance, where do you turn?   There are tough days ahead for my friends!  I hope to share with them this Psalm 46:

 God is our refuge and strength,
A very present help in trouble.
Therefore we will not fear, though the earth should change
And though the mountains slip into the heart of the sea;
Though its waters roar and foam,
Though the mountains quake at its swelling pride. Selah.

 The last word “SELAH” is an interesting word that many people try to define… One possible meaning means to divide, possibly one section from another.  Another way to possibly give this word meaning is to “hang onto to” to measure with “great weight.” One other possibility is to praise, to lift up or to pause.  Just maybe it’s a combination of all - “pause and calmly think about that.”  I pray in the days to come God will be their lighthouse their strength.  I pray in the days to come that God is OUR refuge and strength – Our Help when we are in trouble.  So I close my blog with SELAH!

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Crossing the Border

 Well it’s Tuesday afternoon and I am sitting down at my desk to contemplate the trip down to Rocky Point (Puerto Penasco).  We partnered with our sister church Ekklesia and a couple from Community Christian.  It was a fairly large group that started around 85 and dwindled down to about 60 or so. People of all ages, kids from 7 all the way up to someone who is their late 60’s. 

 What a great trip!  A family was given keys to a brand new home, a Bible, and many other things.  A very special moment indeed!  I am always amazed to see a house go up starting on Saturday morning to completion on Monday by noon.  However, that wasn’t really the most amazing thing to me.  What was amazing to me was the attitude of those who went on the trip.  Attitude and me first was all checked at the border.  I have never seen a group bond like this one did – immediately there was no I’m from that church or this church!  Or I’m in charge – It was awesome to see people (Christians) use their talents, ability, willingness to learn, for God’s Glory.  Everyone got involved, everyone did their part, everyone did something they weren’t comfortable with, everyone learned something new.  There was no one who sat on the sidelines and just watched, there was no one who fought against the tide, there was no one who had to have their way.  It was Christians working together as Christians, each doing what they could.  Were there “stars” on the trip that knew more about construction? Of course!  Were they patient?  Absolutely!  Did they help other along in the journey?  Of course!  Did they get mad when something was done wrong?  No they didn’t.        

 If there was one lesson to be seen it was this… We can do a lot with each other doing their part and people acting like Christians – or is that BEING A CHRISTIAN? 

 Ephesians 5 says this:  “Therefore be imitators of God, as beloved children; and walk in love, just as Christ also loved you and gave Himself up for us, an offering and a sacrifice to God as a fragrant aroma.” 

 What I saw this week was about 60 people being imitators of God and smelling pretty good before God even if they stunk before men.  I am already looking forward to our next trip together. Until then, I hope that type of attitude comes back to the United States and doesn’t get lost at the border.   

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