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So here I sit early on Monday morning all by myself, the building is empty, and I am spending some time doing my Monday stuff which includes reading from a few devotions that I have going… Listening to a 2-minute podcast about some preacher named Matt Chandler talking about God hasn’t called us to be anyone other than who you are.  He was fired up for the whole 2 minutes – it got my morning started off just right.

Then I reached back and plugged in my blue-tooth speaker and put on my WORSHIP playlist from my iPhone.  I listen to this same playlist at least 10 times every week, 16 songs 1 hour and 37 minutes.  Right at this very second No Longer Slaves is playing by Bethel – “I am a child of God.” That means Great Are You Lord is next by All sons and Daughters is next, followed by Tremble, then I Surrender, and of course to finish will be Reckless Love.  Really I do listen to this set all the time – I love to worship in my office all by myself it’s when God speaks to me through music and it ministers to my soul. 

 We are coming out of one of our busiest summers and the new school year will begin this week.  I look back over the summer and try to take it all in.  Sometimes I think we think God isn’t doing anything.  Sometimes because we go from one thing to another in our life it is so easy to forget actually what God is doing. 

60 Days ago we began a Summer Mission project – it was actually birthed from a disappointment!  There was not enough interest in going to the Dominican Republic after taking 31 people the year prior.  So I approached the newly formed church council (the people who help with ideas and planning of events) and we came up with this idea of supporting Arizona Baptist Children Services.  The direction from the council is whatever we did it had to be personal and have personal impact.  We took that direction and ran with it.  GOD blessed our efforts over and over…

This next SAT several will get together to PACK up the food that has been collected… WOW!  GOD is FAITHFUL

We collected almost 10 gallons of change, we have counted the first bottle and that had $1532.50 which already makes it the largest baby bottle campaign in YUMA this year. WOW! GOD is FAITHFUL – I personally think there is another $1000.00 in the 2nd bottle.  So $2500, remember that means we can operate New Life Pregnancy Center for a month in Jesus Name.  GOD is FAITHFUL   

Pastor Mark and several volunteers provided a “RESPITE” day for the 30 families of ABCS to be able to drop off their kids and enjoy an evening as mom and dad while we ministered to their kids.

We hosted an evening dinner for those same families later in the month.  Thank you to Kelly Orta and Olive Garden for their generous gift – we played trivia and had a great time together.  GOD is FAITHFUL.      

We hosted a church wide baby shower for 4 ladies we had never met who were clients of New Life Pregnancy Center.  We blessed each mom to be generously. GOD is FAITHFUL.

We went into Mexico to the Pregnancy Center in Morales.  100 kids showed up and we held a morning VBS and lunch.  It was hot, but again GOD is FAITHFUL! 

We took baskets of appreciation to the 10 volunteers who minister at ABCS as our way of saying thank you to those who serve.  We blessed the volunteers and 1 more-time GOD is FAITHFUL. 

60 Days of Missions – to sum it up in 3 words… GOD is FAITHFUL 

Goes right along with this Bible verse that we studied in the Book of 1st Corinthians 1:9

 God is faithful, who has called you into fellowship with his Son, Jesus Christ our Lord.

 Oh by the way an update on my worship list… Coming up next…


You are here as we lift you up
You are riding on our praise
Be enthroned over everything
You are seated in our praise

This is prophetic, I can feel it in the air
We lift our praise and You change the atmosphere
With hearts open now everybody singing out

Turn it up, this sound of praise
Make it louder than any other
Lift Him up and shout His name over all (yeah)

I know you think I just listen to music at work… YEP that’s all I do.  Have a great week!


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I like to scuba dive and snorkel.  My wife and I were snorkeling in Hawaii many years ago. We were near the beach looking at the fish and we got into some sea turtles and we were having a lot of fun.  After about an hour or so of playing with the turtles we lifted our heads to find out where we were.  I think we were both shocked to find out that in about an hour we had drifted a long way away from where we went into the water.  Now both of us are decent swimmers but we had a long swim to get back where we started.  And it was going to take a lot of effort on our part to get back where our stuff was on the beach.  It was fun watching the sea turtles, fish, and the coral, but it was going to take some hard work to swim against the tide in order to get back to where we needed to be.

I’ve been reading a book recently called “Mission Drift” and how it applies to organizations including churches that once understood what their mission was and throughout time have drifted away.  In true fashion, I started to ask myself questions.  Is it possible to drift away from what God has called me to do? Is it possible for an organization such as a church to drift away from what God has called it to be?

I think the answer is yes in both cases.  Back to snorkeling we were having a good time and yet we were drifting and didn’t realize it until we picked up our head to take a look.

I like God’s word in Luke chapter 15 Jesus tells the parable of a prodigal who doesn’t realize how far he’s drifted until he comes to his senses.  The prodigal had to swim back to his father and that was going to be no fun because that was going to be uncomfortable, it was going to be hard work.

I believe each of us has a personal mission that God has called us to be on.  Are you drifting?  Do you need to swim back?  Sometimes I think it’s easier if we just allow the tide to take us where ever it wants to take us. Unfortunately, the tide is our culture and it will take us even farther away from the mission that God has called us to be a part of.

What about the church?  We can get so wrapped up in other stuff that we forget we were left here to be His witness.  To connect with the people that are around us - and hope that some would see Jesus through us.  Let’s never forget that. 

It will always take hard work to swim back - to get back to the basics of what Jesus has called us to do.  Trust me, it will be worth it!  So if you’re off course today swim, and swim hard, do whatever it takes to get back.

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